Relieve TensionYour New Orleans gym is supposed to be the place you can go to and get relief from the day’s tension. It is a place where you go to forget about the idiots you have to deal with at work, the rude drivers you encounter on your commute and the stuffy shoppers you try to avoid at the grocery store. Unfortunately, it is these very same people who just happen show up at the gym the same time you do.

And it is just as unfortunate that these people have really bad habits at the gym as well. You know, they are “that guy” or “that girl” and make your time at the gym a personal hell. Here is a list of the worst people you might encounter at the gym.

The Person Taking Selfies

Let’s get one thing straight; nobody at the gym should even look selfie-worthy as they should be hot and sweaty in wrinkled gym clothes with messed up and matted hair. If you look good enough to take a selfie at the gym, you are doing it wrong. And if your appearance is what you are most concerned about while at the gym, then you should seek a therapist.

Are You Talking to Me?

Why anybody would approach somebody wearing headphones or earbuds and want to hold a conversation is beyond belief. Seriously, these people can’t hear anything when their headphones are on and you are the guy who taps on their shoulder wanting to speak? Now, they have to fumble with their iPhone to find the Pandora app so they can pause their Bon Jovi song.

Mix in Some Pit Stick, Please

You will sweat at the gym, this is a given, so why would anybody in their right mind think it’s OK not to wear deodorant? All we ask is that you as least make the effort not to kill everybody around you with your rancid pits.

Old, Naked Guy in the Locker Room

We realize the locker room is a safe haven where people can change without shame, but for the sake of our eyesight, keep your legs closed.

The Noise Maker

We understand that when working out, there might be grunts and groans, but some people are louder than Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon. If lifting that weight is that difficult, start off a little lighter perhaps.

Social Media

If you are going to sit on the weight bench and scroll through your Instagram feed, why are you at the gym anyway? If you want to spend your day updated Facebook, stay at home or go to work.

Fat Guy Who Gives Advice

It is a mystery why the fat guy wearing the wife beater and reeking of beer gives advice at the gym. Heck, we don’t even know why he’s at the gym. Even if you are a fit and well-oiled machine, nobody wants to hear your advice, especially if we have to stop our music and pull out our earbuds to hear what you have to say.