We Are Now Offering Cycling

Cycling ClassesIt’s been a hot and rainy summer so far. This means getting out and getting your exercise in can be a little tricky especially if you have a full time job. You might find that you need to exercise a little more right now since most of us put on a couple of pounds during quarantine. If you want to get in shape this summer,  then cycling classes are perfect for you.

Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is among the best exercises for your body. It is a non-weight bearing and low impact exercise, which means you can work up a sweat without stressing your joints. Cycling classes will also improve your lung health and help you if you want to lose weight. Furthermore, cycling helps to increase  your cardiovascular fitness. Our cycling classes will improve muscle strength and flexibility as well as joint mobility. If you want to work on your posture and coordination then cycling classes are perfect for you.

Exercising with us is safe, we practice social distancing and follow all the guidelines to make sure our staff as well as our patrons stay healthy. We have discounts available for more information click HERE. Classes will take place Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Book your cycling classes with Shani White today: https://www.revolutionfitnessnola.com/cycling-classes/

Find Out More About The Cycling Classes

Small Group Training

Revolution Fitness NOLA’s signature small group training program (MBSC Thrive) is a well-rounded and adaptable system that supports a wide variety of fitness goals.Regardless of your current fitness level, age or experience, the MBSC Thrive program is tailored for you in a safe, fun and energetic atmosphere. Our qualified Thrive coaches truly care about providing all of our members with the best possible experience and delivering on results as promised in an efficient 60-minute training session.

As a results-driven facility, Revolution Fitness NOLA provides all the necessary equipment and support for members to establish and achieve their own specific fitness goals. If you are looking to lose weight or need a jumpstart getting back in shape, our Thrive coaches will provide the knowledge and the means to help you become fit and stay that way.

Revolution Fitness NOLA utilizes cutting edge training tools like MyZone and the Inbody Analyzer to accurately measure your progress and guarantee that you’re getting the most out of every training session. Partnered with Louisiana Health Solutions, Revolution Fitness NOLA also has an extended network of medical professionals to assist you throughout your fitness journey.

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