Excuses for Not GoingWhat is your excuse for not going to your New Orleans fitness club? You might think you have a good reason to skip your workout, the reality is that it is just an excuse. So, come on and spill your guts, there is no shame because we have all fell into this trap. Don’t want to fess up? We can help, here are a few excuses people skip exercise.

Personal Crisis

Sure, there are those rare moments when an emergency does take priority over a workout, but they are no doubt far and few between. Last minute emergencies do happen, just not every week.

If your toilet is overflowing or your kid just spewed his breakfast all over the dining room carpet, that’s cool, we understand why you can’t make it to the gym. But if you are skipping out on a workout because you broke a nail, that’s just an excuse.

You Have a Boo-Boo

You cut your finger slicing carrots and you don’t want to risk an infection. Don’t be a big baby, throw a bandage on it and go to the gym.

Your Workout Clothes Don’t Match Your Mood

Seriously, if you are experiencing a fashion moment, suck it up and realize people at the gym are working out, getting sweaty, stinky, messing up their hair and they don’t care about what you are wearing. You won’t find the fashion police at the gym.

No Time

If you view exercise as just another demand on your time, you will never find the right time to go to the gym. If you have to, schedule your trips to the gym like you would a lunch meeting or dinner date. No matter how busy you are, you always manage to keep a schedule.

No Energy

There are some days when it’s tough to get up and moving. But just as you power your way through it to get to work or to fix dinner for the family, you can do the same thing when it comes to going to the gym. You might be feeling a bit sluggish at the moment, but after a workout, you will feel invigorated and rejuvenated.

Exercise is So Boring

You don’t want to go to the gym and workout because exercise is boring. Well, brushing your teeth is boring, taking a shower is a dull task and doing laundry isn’t terribly entertaining, yet you manage to do many of these tasks on a daily basis. Besides, what could be more boring than spending an entire evening noshing on crappy snacks and binge-watching some crappy show on Netflix?

I Have Kids

Well, you are not alone. Millions of parents from all walks of life manage to work a full-time job, go shopping, get their nails done and do a whole lot of things. They don’t use kids as an excuse to sit around the house all day.

It’s time to quit with the excuses and make the effort to get to the gym. You will reap many benefits if you do.