The Next Level Performance Program is for our more skilled athletes in New Orleans who are motivated to take their training to the next level. It’s a comprehensive program designed to improve performance and prevent injuries as the level of competition our athletes face ramps up. In a typical Next Level training session, our athletes will be introduced to the principles of strength training to improve performance and rehabilitation exercises to prevent injuries so they can not only dominate the playing field, but stay on it too. The programming is designed to emphasize performance enhancement through movement, and our athletes will continue to improve the mechanics they learned in our Sports Performance classes to keep them a step ahead of their competition.
One integral but often overlooked aspect of sports performance is recovery. Our personal trainers take recovery very seriously at Revolution, and our Next Level athletes will be taught research-proven and effective recovery protocols which will help them recover faster, better, and ensure that they have the potential to maximize every training session.

Come try out a Next Level training session for free to see how you can reach the next level of your athletic potential.

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