Everyone has a favorite season, and winter is never one of them. Most people, normal people that is, choose spring or summer as their favorite season because these are the months when we feel alive and joyful, enjoying warm weather and long days. There is some science that supports winter months affect our mood, but one thing is for sure; we all tend to get a little down at this time of year.

You survived the holiday season, enjoying great food, family gatherings and festive parties. You even managed to lose a little weight, thanks to your personal trainer in New Orleans. But you have been feeling a bit down lately, a bit hungover from the holidays you suppose. The good news is you don’t need to suffer another two or three months of the blues. There are ways to find yourself in better spirits during the colder months and shorter days.

Grow Something

There are no rules that state you have to wait until summer to grow a plant. You should consider starting a windowsill garden with a few easy-to-grow herbs or you could incorporate a few more houseplants into your decor. All of that greenery will not only clean the air, it will also bring life to your cold and depressed home.

Go Outside

winter-blues-side-page-content-image-012517It is likely that when the weather is cold or otherwise bad, you stay all cooped up in your house. Since you have all of your windows closed, you have no doubt created a stale and stuffy environment. This is unhealthy and a little bit depressing.

We know you hate the cold and would rather be stuck inside under a fluffy blanket, but fight that urge and go outside. Bundle up if you have to, but get outside and go for a walk, a jog or just play with the kids for a little while. Your cheeks will get rosy, but you will feel better for doing so. When you come back in, you will notice you can breathe a little better and you feel happier.

Eat Better

If you are like most, you just spent the holiday season eating cakes, cookies, ham, turkey, egg nog and a whole list of yummy holiday goodies. It’s time to get back on track. Clear your kitchen of all of the bad food you have been hoarding since Thanksgiving (we know you still have turkey and stuffing packed away in your freezer) and head to the grocery store to stock up on good food. When you get to the checkout line, your grocery cart should be full of asparagus, celery, skinless chicken breasts, salmon and bananas. There should not be bags of chips and cookies in there. Eat right and you will feel better.


You may have gotten a little too caught up in that soul-sucking consumerism and chaos that happens during the holiday season, leaving you feeling a little dirty and ashamed. Cleanse your psyche by volunteering for a worthy cause. Not only will this let you feel good about yourself again, it gets you out of the house.