There are any number of reasons you might want to workout with a personal trainer in New Orleans. Maybe you want to get in shape for an upcoming marathon you plan on running, gain strength for mountain bike season or tone that body so you look great in your swimsuit this summer. Those are all really good reasons, but we know a few people who are working out because there are so many great concerts billed in 2017.

We get it, you’re wondering why anybody needs to get in shape to go see a concert. Consider this: The amount of headbanging you do at a Metallica concert takes stamina and strength, and if you are out of shape, you will find yourself on the ground gasping for air before the band plays your favorite song. And if you plan on attending a Lady Gaga concert, there is no way you would make it through the whole show busting out those dance moves you have practiced since the Super Bowl unless you start working out.

If you attended rock concerts or any other type of musical concerts in your youth, you know they are exhausting events. You pumped your fists so hard at that Motley Crue concert back in 1987, your arms were sore for two weeks. Rocking out or dancing at a show is pretty hard work and you will want to be in shape if you expect to survive the return of Green Day to the stage. Here are a few other shows you might want to see.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The band sounds better than ever and are touring in 2017 to support their latest album The Getaway. And if you are familiar with the band, you know their tasteful fusion of rock and funk is worthy of some mean dance steps. You can’t help but bump and grind when they play great tunes like “Blood Sugar Sex Magic,” “Give It Away” and “Dani California.”

Green Day

The pseudo-punk band Green Day is set to hit the stadiums and coliseums this year. They are currently touring Australia, a warm up before they hit the states for an extensive tour. With Green Day, moshing is a thing so we suggest you build up strength and stamina by working out with your personal trainer.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars announced a massive world tour for 2017 in over 17 countries including the United States. This means anyone attending his show will be subject to stunning visuals and unique dance moves. People describe his live performances as pure jubilation, a celebration of life. You don’t want to be out of shape if you plan on attending this show.

Phil Collins

Whether you liked him in Genesis or as a solo artist, there is no denying Phil Collins will put on an epic show. Age has taken its toll on poor old Phil, so he will just be on vocals with his son, Nicholas, on the drums. You can expect to rock out to iconic hits like “In the Air Tonight”, “One More Night” and “I Don’t Care Anymore.” With a little luck, maybe he’ll perform some Genesis songs.