Q.  What’s been your biggest challenge since joining Revolution Fitness NOLA?

A.  My biggest challenge has been the ability to build up my strength.

Q. What has been your greatest success?

A.  My greatest success has also been the strength I have built.

Q. How long have you been a member of Revolution Fitness NOLA?

A.  Five months.

Q.  What is your favorite program offered here?

A.  Definitely the MBSC Thrive Team Training. I do it 3 times a week.

Q.  What do you use for motivation?

A.  My improvements in my flexibility have motivated me. My energy level is awesome! And I love learning new things!

Q.  Do you have any closing remarks?

A.  “I have been to a lot of gyms. This is the only one that keeps me motivated. I love being pushed and encouraged. My self-esteem has improved greatly because I didn’t like myself very much in the beginning. Now, people approach me and compliment me on the difference in me.”