Michael “Mike” Roussel Jr.










Mike, who describes himself as somewhat of a comedian, likes to keep people on their toes, but always keeps them laughing. His trainer Emily said “Mike works excessively hard, and while he enjoys giving me a hard time, he is incredibly encouraging to other members. He is a great guy and a hard worker!”

RevFitNola:  Mike, what’s been your biggest challenge since joining Revolution Fitness NOLA?

Mike:  My biggest challenge has been not passing out!

RevFitNola:  What has been your greatest success?

Mike:  I sharpened my “V”.

RevFitNola:  How long have you been a member of Revolution Fitness NOLA?

Mike:  November 18, 2014 will make one year.

RevFitNola:  Who do you train with the most?

Mike:  I train with Emily during the week and Jesse on weekends.

RevFitNola:  What is your favorite program offered here?

Mike:  That would be Upper Body Training For Warriors.

RevFitNola:  What do you use for motivation?

Mike:  Money! If I paid for it, I’m committed!

RevFitNola:  Do you have any closing remarks?

Mike:  “It might seem difficult at first; but if you stick with it, you will reach your goals. And you might think it will get easier, but it doesn’t. They continue to challenge me, and I get a great workout every single time.”