Hey there fitness nation!

This is your very own Revolution Fitness NOLA Adult Training Program Director, Adam Lassus; plugging you in on some facts about why we take the time to assess all of our beloved members. Our main assessment tool here at Revolution Fitness NOLA is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a world renowned byproduct of the exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems. Our FMS allows us to rank and grade our members on a functional standard. The beauty of this assessment is that YOU CANNOT FAIL! Simply put, you can only improve on what we find upon our initial FMS. Common findings such as asymmetries in the body and functional limitations (i.e. range of motion, past injuries, etc.) allow us to hone in on specific corrective exercises to strengthen the weaker areas in any individual. The FMS increases the safety and effectiveness of every fitness program that we build for our members. It also keeps us moving forward towards your specific goals. Our overall desire is to create a more functionally and physically fit person. The short time it takes to perform the FMS is worth the benefits in and outside of the gym. If you are curious how functionally sound you are, you can always visit our facility and get a complimentary FMS.

For more information on assessing and measuring, check back next week for our follow-up blog! You can also check out the official FMS website at

Adam Lassus, MBSC THRIVE Program Director