1. Eating Healthy On A Busy Schedule

    There is no doubt that living a healthy lifestyle and achieving the look that you want is a battle that must be attacked with a two front offensive. The first offensive is getting into the gym regularly and making the most of that time with a good, smart, challenging work out. Believe it or not that’s the easy part. I tell our members all of the time that the one hour spent here is the easy part…Read More

  2. It is a Good Idea You Get a Personal Trainer in New Orleans

    If you are new to the whole gym experience, it is a good idea you get a personal trainer in New Orleans. Having a certified personal trainer can help give you that added nudge when you need to reach your personal fitness goals. Now, the images you might be having are that of a personal trainer yelling and pushing their clients to near collapse and this might scare you away. Your personal trainer…Read More

  3. Your New Orleans Workout Trainer Thinks Running is a Good Way to Exercise

    Your New Orleans workout trainer thinks running is a good way to exercise and burn some calories. But before you head out and train for that marathon, you will need to buy yourself a worthy pair of running shoes. You stopped by the sporting good store on the way home to check out running shoes and left more confused and overwhelmed than ever about shoes. The wrong running shoes can be a recipe for…Read More

  4. Instead of Turning Into the Parking Lot of Your New Orleans Fitness Club, You Really Want to Keep Going and Pull Into the Nearest Ice Cream Shop

    There are likely days in which instead of turning into the parking lot of your New Orleans fitness club, you really want to keep going and pull into the nearest ice cream shop and enjoy a triple deck cone. You might also be tempted to eat an entire bag of potato chips after a particularly stressful day at work. Life gets in the way of your goals and it's really hard to stick to them when there are…Read More

  5. You Might be a Workout Junkie and Meet With Your Personal Trainer in New Orleans Weekly

    You might be a workout junkie and meet with your personal trainer in New Orleans weekly to go over your exercise program. In fact, you are so into working out, you haven't missed a day of workouts for a long time. But that changed when you injured yourself. Sometimes, circumstances dictate that you must take a break from working out, at least until you are healed and the doctor gives you the thumb…Read More

  6. Encourage Them to Go to the Fitness Club in New Orleans

    Growing up, it isn't likely your parents gave much thought to a super-healthy lifestyle. They didn't shop at Whole Foods, didn't own a set of weights and most of their food choices were boxed or frozen. There were certain words and phrases that were never even whispered in their home. Terms like "gluten" and "organic" were completely foreign to them and quite possibly even deemed evil. But things …Read More

  7. Are You Getting the Most from Your Personal Trainer in New Orleans?

    If you are utilizing a personal trainer in New Orleans, are you sure you are getting the most fitness for your dollar? You might feel as though you are not getting your money's worth, and you could be the reason why. Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of your fitness program. Set Goals From the very first moment you sit down with your personal trainer, you both need to be honest a…Read More

  8. This is a Subject Everybody in Your New Orleans Fitness Club Can Argue About All Night

    Let's get this out of the way, there will be no apologies for what we are about to reveal. This is a subject everybody in your New Orleans fitness club can argue about all night and still not agree on anything. If you don't like our list of the greatest workout songs, then you are just going to have to leave this post mad. Just don't say anything bad about us, please. When you are working out, you…Read More

  9. Even if You Belong to a Fitness Club in New Orleans, You Probably Still Do Some Workouts at Home

    Even if you belong to a fitness club in New Orleans, you probably still do some workouts at home. If you do workouts at home, you might want to consider a fitness tracker as they offer several benefits. It seems as though wherever you are and wherever you look, someone is wearing some sort of fitness tracker. The fitness tracking movement is much more than just a passing fad, it is alive and well …Read More

  10. Even if you have a New Orleans workout trainer, it is still important to get out and walk

    Even if you have several appointments each week with your New Orleans workout trainer, it is still important and healthy to get out and walk whenever you can find the time. Walking is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. It has been shown in study after study that extra walking improves body composition, improves mood and lowers anxiety. But many people find walking to be rather b…Read More