1. Your New Orleans Personal Trainer has Some Ideas for You

      In theory, a New Year's resolution is a great idea. But in reality, New Year's resolutions are much like babies, they are fun to make but difficult to maintain. About one in three Americans will resolve to better themselves in one way or another in the coming new year. But the percentage of people who actually follow through will be much lower. Sure, many will stick to their resolutions for abo…Read More

  2. You Can Overindulge Over the Holidays and Justify it by Promising More Trips to Your Fitness Club in New Orleans

      On average, a traditional Christmas dinner will contain a whopping 2,000 calories or more. For those who are watching what they eat, they tend to put their focus on what not to eat rather than what nutritional goodies they can eat. It's very much like viewing the glass as half full. Now, you can overindulge over the holidays and justify it by promising more trips to your fitness club in New Orl…Read More

  3. Tell Yourself You Will Go to the Gym in New Orleans While Your Spouse is Out Getting Killer Deals on Black Friday

    Look, you need to face some facts; you are probably going to pound down your weight in turkey this Thanksgiving Day and it won't make you any thinner. No, you will likely eat your traditional 14-course meal and flop on the couch watch the Cowboys and Lions. Then you will tell yourself you will go to the gym in New Orleans while your spouse is out getting killer deals on Black Friday. No, you w…Read More

  4. Thanksgiving Day Feast Doesn’t Have to be an Epic Calorie Bomb Requiring Extra Trips to Your New Orleans Fitness Club Afterward

    This year's Thanksgiving Day feast doesn't have to be an epic calorie bomb requiring extra trips to your New Orleans fitness club afterward. There are plenty of healthy side dishes that are both very tasty and a whole lot more healthy than some traditional dishes. So if you dread the holidays because you have to skip out on many dishes you deem to be too unhealthy, give these recipes a try and sta…Read More

  5. Do Warm-Up Exercises Before You Work Out With Your New Orleans Personal Trainer

    While you always do warm-up exercises before you work out with your New Orleans personal trainer, you might not consider how important warm-ups are even if you are planning on just going for a run. Warming up before going for a run is important in several ways; good warm-ups will increase your heart rate gradually, increase circulation to your tendons, ligaments and muscles and otherwise prepare y…Read More

  6. Visit Your New Orleans Fitness Club on a Regular Basis This Winter

    You just put the bike away for the winter and packed up all of your summer clothes, winter is here and you are going to get fat. Well, unless you visit your New Orleans fitness club on a regular basis. But anybody who wants to keep their weight gain to a minimum this winter needs to first understand why we tend to gain weight in the first place. Let's take a look at a few factors that play a part …Read More

  7. You Should Be Eating Healthy All of the Time and Not Just Because Your Workout Trainer in New Orleans Tells You So

    Even if there are fewer foods that are in season now that summer has gone, winter does boast some surprisingly healthy choices. After all, you should be eating healthy all of the time and not just because your workout trainer in New Orleans tells you so. Here is a short list of foods and dishes perfect for winter. Root Vegetables Produce can sometimes be hard to find when the weather turns cold. B…Read More

  8. You Need a Personal Trainer in New Orleans this Winter

    Don't think you need a personal trainer in New Orleans this winter? Think again. If you are like most people, you will see your level of activity go down in the winter months. You will be too busy basking in the comforts of your warm home to brave the cold and take that outdoor bike ride or outdoor jog. But if you join a gym, you will reap the rewards of exercise. But if you remain unsure and stil…Read More

  9. Why it Makes Perfect Sense to Join a New Orleans Fitness Club in the Winter

    The summer is great because it gives you perfect weather to get outdoors and do all the fun things you enjoy. Part of the reason you manage to stay slim is because you do get plenty of outdoor exercise. But what happens in the winter when it gets cooler? If you are like most, you turn to Netflix for entertainment instead of taking that bike ride or going for a jog. This is just one reason why it m…Read More

  10. How to Maximize Your Work Out With Post Work-Out Supplementation

    There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after you hit the gym and crush your daily work-out. I love seeing our members working hard at Revfit doing one of our amazing programs. Pushing hard in your work out is very important. You want to maximize the time you’ve spent in the gym for the best results. To truly see the most “#gainz” you have to ensure that after you crush your wor…Read More